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Um, hi.

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April 22, 2004 - 9:37 p.m.


look! I've been spotted and I'm still alive!

And, i'm drunk. On Beaujolais-villages. Drunk to the point where the screen is a bit fuzzy and i had to look at the bottle to spell the name of the wine.

My job ROCKS HARD CORE, but i'm extremely busy and extremely stressed, b,ut in good ways instead of bad ways. For example, I flew to Dallas with 24 hours notice 2 weeks, ago, I spent all last week in Boston, and I'm leaving for California next Sunday.

go figure, D had to go to Germany for work during the two weeks i'm not traveling.

i miss him.

we're still good. awesome, really.

don't feel slighted cos i've lost online touch. i've lost personal contact touch, too. i don't think i've seen my michigan friends in MONTHS. literally. I only see D and Stace, cos Stace is living with me now.

But really, there's no big news. Oh, my recital is in 2 months exactly, but that's about it.


c'est finis

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